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Distribution and shipping

Young Generation distributes its tanning machines made in Italy in more than 70 countries, throught local distributors and directly. We can delivery worldwide, with fast shipping services, and we can provide you also the install of our machines everywhere your salon or spa is located. packing We can provide air or sea shipping, to ensure you the best service on professional tanning machines, or we can delivery the machine EXW Ex-works, and you can retire directly with any shipping company that you want.

All the models are delivered disassembled, and can be installed also in small rooms. We can send our technician to you, or you can use our step-by-step video guide on Youtube, to assemble your solarium.

On some models, the entire operation take less than 1 hour. We can provide a great service booth for salons and spa owners, than for professional sellers, and distribution company. production and packing solarium

Contact worldwide office today to have more information on how to get your Smart Solarium device.

If you are from UK, you can contact our United Kingdom branch directly.


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