Company – Smart Technologies

Smart Technologies was born in 1981 in Genoa, from the young entrepeneur Claudio Vassallo.

The Company begins in a garage, with the productions of some prototypes in the begin of ’80.
Following this first step, thanks to the great sell results, Claudio Vassallo begins to sell many other devices and products, reaching and exceeding, at the end of ’80, one billion of lira (about one million dollars) of revenue.

In the first part of the ’90 there is the big step: Smart begins the production of the low pressure showerFirst company in Italy for design and production, with this device Smart increase his revenue and growth, with a success that push the company to become one of the first tanning device manufactor in Italy. In that period, Smart, makes only the devices, for other companies that put their brand on it, an OEM service that increase quality and service to a new level.

We have several ways to distribute devices, even if our interlocutor already got its own sales, delivery and attendance organization.

All our products are equipped with conformity certification, according to the enforced CE normative.

In 2004, after the design and the achievement to build one of the first high pressure booth,Smart Technologies launches his brand, Smart Solarium, to sell directly to the customers first quality tanning devices.


In 2009, exploring new way, Smart Technologies launched Young Generation line, for collagen stimulation. Collagenarium became very popular worldwide with a great success for every device.


Now, we can satisfy companies with national and international distribution, we operate on approximately 4.000 m2 of productive area in our main Genoa branch.



For a complete company profile please visit our website solarium.

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