Get all the energy of your body in one unique elegant mainstream of light.




The Young Stand-up 3600V will active all your fibroblasts’ energyincreasing your collagen production in a natural and efficient way








A vortex of young freshness will regenerate your skin as never before.
Enter in the door of rejuvenation

Collagen Lamps

Born into a joint by researchers Smart, the Collagenol-633® has complementary within fotoringiovanente treatment. Its special composition fact is combined with the light with a wavelength of 633 nm length, facilitating the energy of the light in the activation of the fibroblast. Thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid it has also a tonic effect on wrinkles.

Lamps Position Ergonomic

The search for the perfect location of the lamps poses Y6000F position at the top in the result.
Each bulb has a location designed at the design stage to ensure a perpendicular radius of each zone of the face. Alien is the first ergonomic lamp on a human scale.
So your tan will be fast, safe and smooth.

One session of Young device is enough to see a good result,a lifting effect and a softener skin.

To reach an exceptional result you can make 12 session in 21 days..

Smart studied 4 different protocols for different ages: Blu, Green, Pink, Violet.

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