The core of success is innovation. Smart knows this very well and this is why we make constantly investment in technology and development.

Here below you can find some of our main technologies

Wireless Sun

Control all your machines without wires and set time and power directly from reception.


Skin Test

Patented system that autosets the right value for power and time in base of the user.



Anti-panic patented system that allows to exit from machine by pushing the doors.


Electronic Check

Electronic check of the components to always guarantee the maximum safety of the user.



Advanced micronization system that sprays drops with a diameter of  few microns that evaporate when in contact with user’s body to keep it cool.



To reach a complete sense of relax Aroma spreads in the air scented essence.



ECO products are designed to reduce environmental impact. ECO machines reduce power consumption and have a recyclable Aluminium  frame.


Active Shiatsu

Shiatsu massage can be set on 7 different programs and 10 intensity levels. Just like a real massage.



Stereo audio system with FM RDS radio integrated, 10 memory stations and AUX-in for external MP3 audio player.


Aqua Bed

Maximum relax with Aqua Bed, the water mattress that keeps the user’s body cool and dry.


Chromo Therapy

Chromo Therapy system integrated in the water mattress that allows to get colour’s benefic power.

*please note: not all device listed may be included as standard. Inform with the dealer if the feature is standard or optional for your market.

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