21 Days Professional Kit

Blue program

Thought for the prevention and for the maintenance of skin softness.
Typical age: below 35 years

Green program

Program step that allows to increase skin shine and to remove microwrinkles.
Typical age: 35 to 45 years

Pink Program

Regressive protocol of expression wrinkles and of the first signs of photoaging.
Typical age: 45 to 55 years

Violet Program

Studied for a powerful wrinkle and spot reduction, and a lifting and a filler effect.
Typical age: over 55 years

 Collagen Lamps

Born into a joint research closely by researchers Smart, the Collagenol-633® has complementary within fotoringiovanente treatment. Its special composition fact is combined with the light with a wavelength of 633 nm length, facilitating the energy of the light in the activation of the fibroblast.In the meantime also it has tonic effect on the wrinkle, also from the outside, thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid.

One session of Young device is enough to see a good result,a lifting effect and a softener skin.



To reach an exceptional result you can make 12 session in 21 days.




Smart studied 4 different protocols for different ages: Blu, Green, Pink, Violet.

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